12 Inch Electric Trailer Brakes

Boat trailers commonly utilize hydraulic or surge brakes; however, switching over to
electric brakes for improved control and stopping power can be advantageous.

This 12 inch Electric Brake Cluster will fit on all industry standard Trailer axles
featuring 5 hole Drum hubs for brakes rated to support up to 6,000lbs per axle.

Brake Pads

Electric trailer brake pads are an integral component that must be regularly
maintained and replaced for optimal functioning. Composed of durable friction
material that binds fully to the shoe for added strength, these pads feature tapered
edges for easier braking action as well as circular grinding to decrease mechanical lockup risks.

Brake controllers are essential accessories that allow you to regulate the strength
and power of your trailer’s braking system. Older, non-proportional controllers
respond to pressure on their vehicle’s brake pedal by applying different amounts of
braking force over time based on your configured settings. Newer proportional
controllers use an accelerometer to sense changes in momentum of your towing
vehicle and apply trailer braking torque according to setpoint settings over time.

This kit equips one axle with a complete brake assembly and includes brake shoes,
return springs and magnetic arms along with an adjustment tool.

Brake Magnet

The brake magnet is an electromagnet with a powder cavity filled with powerful
rare-earth neodymium magnetic particles. When electricity is applied,
electromagnetic flux binds these particles together creating a magnetic particle
slush which resists and slows down brake rotor’s motion until finally stopping altogether.

Make sure that the brake magnets have no exposed windings or pinched wires, as
well as matching their interior surfaces to that of your brake drum’s interior surface –
otherwise, the magnet may have less “grab” on the drum and your brakes won’t be as strong.

This brake assembly fits AL KO 5-bolt axles and Dexter 2t and 3t axles using the
same mounting flange. This kit contains stronger magnets indicated by black
colored magnet wires than white ones in its same brake size, along with all
necessary mounting hardware and both right and left brake assemblies for each side of each brake set.

12 Inch Electric Trailer Brakes

Brake Shoes

Electric trailer brakes may be easier to install than hydraulic ones as they connect
directly with your tow vehicle’s brake pedal and offer greater user friendliness, as
they ensure that your trailer stops before its tow vehicle.

These brakes use automotive-grade friction material molded directly to the brake
shoes for long life and increased braking torque. Rustproof coating keeps these in
prime condition and lowers maintenance costs; while an adjustable gear and plugs
keep dust, dirt, and debris out while permitting manual adjustments on an on-going basis.

The brake shoes on this assembly include two pairs: a long primary shoe and short
secondary shoes, known as primary/secondary. The longer primary shoe is installed
at the rear of the brake drum while its shorter secondary shoe sits up front. These
brakes feature stronger magnet wires than what are found on other Dexter 12 inch
electric trailer brake assemblies, mounting via 5-bolt pattern onto axle flanges with
ratings up to 7000lbs per pair of brakes.

Backing Plate

Backing plates are integral parts of electric brake drums, and its quality should
never be underestimated. At etrailerparts we stock premium LoadForce back plates
designed and manufactured in Australia that come equipped with wear depth
indicators to show when their lifespan has come to an end.

A brake controller is the central component that activates and controls electrically
powered trailer brakes, usually through an interface in the cab of the towing vehicle.
More advanced controllers feature proportional or inertia controls which
continuously monitor dynamics between tow vehicle and trailer to ensure adequate
braking power is applied at any given moment.

If your brakes are not engaging as expected, this could be caused by a loose wire
connection point or short within your electrical system. A thorough inspection and
complete wire replacement should rectify this problem.

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