20 Ton Trailer With Electric Brakes

A 20 ton trailer equipped with electric brakes is designed for heavy equipment like
paving machines and other large machines. Towed by tractor units, these trailers
come in many styles and sizes to meet every need.

Many states mandate that all axles of trailers must have brakes (though the exact
requirements vary by state). Brake controllers enable users to apply trailer brakes in
response to truck braking.


Winston has designed and constructed their 20 Ton Deckover Trailer as commercial
grade equipment trailers built specifically to handle heavy loads and tough
applications such as hauling pavers, excavators or crawlers. Their air powered
ramps help load or unload equipment more smoothly with less of an incline for
loading or unloading equipment.

Dexter Axles and brakes, the market leader in utility trailer, recreational vehicle,
heavy duty, manufactured housing, agricultural and marine trailer markets. Dexter
offers a comprehensive selection of axles, brakes and doors.

The 10OA Pro Series Over-the-Axle Bumperpull Trailer is an extremely durable trailer
designed to carry pallets and other medium weight equipment. Featuring a low
profile I-beam tongue with 8 foot slide-in ramps for easy equipment transport, as
well as 15K axles and premium adjustable suspension, its superior quality finish provides long-term appeal.


This 20 ton equipment trailer boasts 10 ply tires mounted on 5 lug alloy rims that
lead the industry in quality and performance, along with an industry leading
warranty of three years on structure, components and one year road hazard coverage.

This heavy-duty deckover trailer is specifically designed to transport pavers,
excavators and crawlers safely and efficiently. Featuring spring assisted fold flat
super ramps for loading/unloading equipment quickly. Plus with 20 ton capacity and
its lower load angle!

Electric brake equipped trailers may provide more cost effective solution than air
brake equipped trailers for those seeking cost efficiency. Electric and air brakes both
have their place, provided they are maintained properly both are just as safe.

20 Ton Trailer With Electric Brakes


This 20 ton equipment trailer boasts a 102-inch bed for hauling pallets and medium
weight machinery, as well as an air-powered ramp to reduce load angle and speed
up loading/unloading equipment.

The standard 4-Pin Flat Connector serves four functions, including tail lights, brake
lights and left/right signals. Many small utility trailers, light boat trailers, small
campers and off-road trailers use this style of connector.

Some local jurisdictions require all trailers to have functioning rear red identification
lamps, which should be located between 15″ and 72″. A brown wire typically feeds
this lamp as well as Auxiliary Power and Back-up lights if they need power; otherwise
the purple wire can remain disconnected if not needed; while white wiring connects
directly to the vehicle battery’s negative terminal for all electrical functions; size this
wire according to your trailer lighting needs.


Trailers require at least four functions to operate effectively: Tail lights, Brake lights
and Left and Right turn signals. A 4-Pin Flat connector typically serves these needs
effortlessly; small utility trailers, light boat trailers and even small camper trailers
may utilize such connectors.

Surge brakes are the go-to solution for trailer braking. While disc or drum brakes
require mechanical setup, surge brakes use electric current to activate
electromagnetic brake drums that create attrition and slow the trailer. Furthermore,
surge brakes don’t require maintenance like calipers and shoes and don’t rust in
water like other forms of trailer brakes can.

On this Trailer Wiring Diagram, the Red wire (known as Aux Power) feeds into and
charges up the Breakaway battery box. Size this wire accordingly depending on any
back-up lighting needs; 14 gage is recommended at minimum. In addition, Brown
wire connects trailer lights so also size according to power requirements.

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