Big Tex Trailers – 12 Ton Equipment Trailer With Electric Brakes

Before purchasing a trailer, it is essential that you understand its PAYLOAD CAPACITY. This metric takes into account both its own weight as well as any gear
you will be transporting on it.

Most trailers use surge, hydraulic or disc brake systems that can be operated using
an in-cab controller, although some brakes require an additional reverse lock-out
solenoid switch when backing over soft ground or down ramps.

The Big Tex 12SR

Big Tex Trailers pride themselves on manufacturing trailers that are built to be longterm solutions, offering an array of different utility trailers to meet all of your needs – from light-duty dump trailers to heavy equipment haulers, there is sure to be one available that fits right.

The Big Tex 12SR professional series dump trailer can accommodate loads up to
8,500 pounds and comes equipped with a straight ram hydraulic lifting system,
Interstate battery, locking pump box, LED lights and locking pump box – ideal for
transporting mulch, dirt gravel and other light loads around the home or farm.

Big Tex trailers are constructed from high-gauge, low-carbon steel which is less
brittle than regular metal and better able to withstand regular heavy usage over
time. As such, these trailers offer great resale value and built to stand the test of
time; plus their powdercoat finish looks great while resisting corrosion!

The Big Tex 10LX

Big Tex Trailers have almost every trailer type you could need covered, from
goosenecks and landscaping trailers, flatbeds, ATV haulers and ATV cradles. And if
they don’t already offer what you need – no problem – they will custom make one just for you!

This model of medium-duty dump trailer is equipped with everything a farmer would
need. This trailer boasts features like an enclosed pump box with lockable lid,
Interstate Battery power source, interior D rings for tie down purposes and LED
lighting as well as hydraulic scissor lift – it is optimized to handle medium loads
around the farm and serves as a reliable workhorse.

Big Tex trailers not only deliver superior performance and durability, but they also
hold strong resale values due to their tough, high-quality construction and design.
Made with low carbon steel frames that are less brittle and more flexible allowing
them to withstand heavy duty usage longer than many other trailer types – which
makes them the go-to option for truckers, farmers, ranchers and construction workers.

Big Tex Trailers - 12 Ton Equipment Trailer With Electric Brakes

The Big Tex 90SR

Big Tex Trailers have earned themselves a strong reputation within the industry for
their high quality and durability, producing utility trailers designed for nearly every
purpose from goosenecks and landscaping trailers to flatbeds and ATV haulers. Each
trailer is constructed using low-carbon steel frames which are less brittle than
conventional steel structures; this allows Big Tex’s trailers to stand up better under
heavy use while lasting longer. Big Tex also employs superior welding and painting
processes so their trailers look great while standing the test of time.

Big Tex has introduced several improvements to its dump trailer lineup in 2017 to
increase functionality and versatility. The 90SR light-duty dump trailer now comes
equipped with an extended 12-feet length to provide more cargo space, featuring
single ram hydraulic lifting system, structural square tubing top rail, locking pump
box with LED lights and double rear doors; making this perfect for hauling mulch, dirt or gravel around your home or farm.

The Big Tex 10SR

Big Tex’s heavy-duty dump trailers are built to last, featuring high-quality
construction that ensures their value will increase year after year. Plus, Big Tex
trailers feature low-carbon steel that’s less brittle and more flexible than traditional
steel so they can withstand even the toughest tasks with ease.

The Big Tex 10SR medium-duty dump trailer features a straight ram hydraulic lifting
system with lockable pump box, combo three-way rear gate and LED lights as
standard features, powder coating for long-term protection, as well as being powder
coated for an aesthetically pleasing build. Perfect for hauling dirt, gravel, mulch and
manure around the home or ranch – visit your nearest Big Tex dealer now and
discover this outstanding trailer! Delivery within 20 miles is available and online
orders incur a processing fee upon placing orders online.

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